Fields of Green for ALL is proud to be a South African associate of the Global Drug Survey for 2020. Data collection (anonymous) is absolutely essential if we are to dismantle the human rights atrocities that have come with the decades long “War on Drugs”. We received the following letter from the organisers:

“I got your contact details from  South Africa Drug Policy Week. I am working with them and the Global Drug Survey to get more South Africans to participate in this year’s survey. The Global Drug Survey believes that the expertise and experience of people who use alcohol and other drugs can be used to inform the creation of better drug policy, whilst helping people us­e drugs more safely, regardless of the legal status of the drug.

The Global Drug Survey started in 2010 and last year was the first year in which South Africans took part and we would like to get more than the 300 we did last year so that the results can be meaningful in our context. It would be great if your site could help us get the message out there to as many people as possible.”

The byline of the survey says it all – Changing the conversation to make drug use safer – #Knowdrugsbetter. Please click HERE to participate and you can also read the results of this massive survey that has been going since 2010.

As an example of why the subtleties of language and policy are so important, the survey has also provided us with an article that demonstrates the importance of rigorous and objective data collection that is essential for evidence-based policy:

Medical cannabis_ So much promise but the evidence is still thin (1) 

Can you help?

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