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Members of SA’s Cannabis Culture, civil society and everyone involved with the fight to end the prohibition of our favourite plant, has reason to celebrate today. It’s our anniversary!

The 18th of September will always be a special day on our calendar. On this day one year ago we were given the right to possess and cultivate Cannabis for personal use within private spaces. We have said and written that last sentence so many times over the last year that it seems as if the reality is still sinking in.

We’re on our way back from information and education sessions in Namibia. Meeting with activists and members of the public in our neighbouring country has made us realise how far we have come in SA.

Yes, there is still so much to do but today you can make it 4.20 every hour because our right to privacy can NEVER be taken away from us – it is our inalienable right!

Thank you to each and every person who has helped us along the way. We are moving towards engagement with the government and our plan for making the voice of civil society heard is well on its way to becoming a reality. A very special thank you goes to the members of The Green Network as, without the support of these monthly donations, we would never survive. (Join us today for only R49 per month!)

We look forward to your ongoing support, particularly with regards our Regulations Document and raising the funds for the printing and distribution of the final.

Enjoy your celebration, wherever you are. Let’s make sure that we have even more to celebrate this time next year!

Myrtle, Jules & the FGA Crew.