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Celebrating 28 years of Cannabis Culture, fighting prohibition and sticking it to the man, Hempfest Seattle is an astounding event! Free entrance and run by an army of volunteers, the event is held in a public park over 3 days. It felt like our DDay 4.20 on steroids and we love the fact that it is called a “Protestival” in keeping with the fact that, although Cannabis is legal in Washington State, there are many loose ends to tie up and “we are not free until everyone is free”.

It was a helluva feeling telling our South African story on the main stage in front of all of those people! We had 2 opportunities to speak and we were welcomed with open hearts and much interest in what is going on in SA – despite the usual “You have weed in Africa?” questions!

This post is just checking in with everyone at home! Have a look at the Hempfest website and dream with us as we envision our DDay celebrations growing to this size!

Love from Myrtle, Jules and Nelio as we wait at the airport in Portland, Oregon on our way to San Francisco.

Thanks again to our sponsors for making this trip of a lifetime possible and stand by for updates….