Schindlers Attorneys hosted two cannabis seminars at their Johannesburg offices last month. Presented by Paul Michael Keichel and Andrew Lawrie to introduce those interested in a future cannabis economy, to the realities of SA cannabis laws and how the recent judgment affects us all.

In 2010, the Dagga Couple challenged the constitutionality of dagga prohibition in South Africa’s courts after they got arrested for possession of cannabis at home. For almost 6 years, they have been represented by Schindlers Attorneys, a dynamic multi-disciplinary law firm offering a full range of legal services to both corporate and individual clients in South Africa and around the world.

Not to be mistaken with the recent Western Cape High Court ruling of the Acton and Prince vs. the state case, where Schindlers also played an integral role in providing evidence that assisted the constitutional judgement in September 2018 to allow for personal cannabis use and effectively helped decriminalize dagga in South Africa. The wealth of experience the company now has concerning cannabis and the law makes them the perfectly placed go-to company for legal advice as the cannabis industry evolves and government struggle with the changes to the law they need to make.

The trial of the plant is not over as the Dagga Couple’s case gives South Africa another opportunity to edge forward towards full cannabis legalization.

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