It’s really hard to summarize Jules Stobbs’ infinite source of creativity that was fueled by his passion for people, plants, and their rights.  As the captain of our invisible Psychonautics Club, he has traveled with many, to far and wide places, galaxies apart, and more often than not left those journey seekers on a high and healing note.

As a caretaker of safe spaces, he helped lead many ceremonies, hiking trips, sweat lodges, cannabis freedom festivals, dab cups, and social get-togethers that will lead you down a mentally wholesome rabbit hole.

As the creator and host of the #HotboxShow with 144 episodes to date, and the main oke behind many D-Day Dagga Festivals, you would often find him busy tinkering on the next revolutionary project.

As a partner, Jules & Myrtle acting as The Dagga Couple has gone and helped forge a stronghold for the cannabis community, helping well over 100 cannabis cases get a stay of persecution, and with more than ten years of legacy work that now needs your assistance, to continue the great work.

The devastating loss of Jules Stobbs to an act of senseless violence during a house robbery a few weeks ago, has impacted every corner of the Cannabis community, both in South Africa and across the world. For those who knew Jules, and for those who heard of him, he was a man who would have been angry if we gave up our fight to free our beloved plant from the clutches of prohibition. The fire is burning and our resolve is stronger than ever. We need all the help we can get.

Fields of Green for ALL, with the help of Dabstars, have decided to run a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to fuel our resolve to continue on our Cannabis legalisation journey in South Africa. The funds raised will be used for:

1. Security for the Jazzfarm
2. Fields of Green for ALL (FGA) Staff Welfare
3. The Trial of the Plant
4. FGA’s Full Spectrum Manifesto for Policy Reform
5. South African National Cannabis Survey
6. Stop the Cops

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For more details on each of these key projects, please visit “Remembering Jules – Cannabis Can Help South Africa”.

Thank you to everyone!

On behalf of Myrtle Clarke, Dabstars, the Fields of Green for ALL team, and the South African Cannabis Community!

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