An urgent High Court application by André du Plessis (CASE NO:27775/20) that seeks the right to earn a living using cannabis, has been approved by the Pretoria High Court with the pre-trial hearing scheduled for Tuesday 07 July 2020.

This application covers the right to choose your own occupation, trade, and profession to make a living with regard to cannabis, provided that there are rules and regulations. This application covers every citizen’s right to earn a living through cannabis and is in the public interest.

The urgency of this court case has been acknowledged as the court deemed it ripe for decision.

This class action court case calls for interested and affected parties to come forward as an applicant to assist in the fight against citizens affected by unreasonable illicit cannabis trade laws.

How do you qualify to join

You want to pursue class action for your right to earn a living through cannabis being impinged upon, and that you represent yourself, the class action, and do so in the public’s interest.

How to join as a class-action applicant

  1. Download/read the notice of motion here
  2. Download the affidavit template here, and print
  3. Fill in all details, leave out the applicant number
  4. Visit your nearest SAPS police station and get the filled out affidavit stamped
  5. Scan & send the SAPS stamped affidavit via email to [email protected]
  6. DEADLINE: Friday 16:00 03 July 2020 for affidavit submissions