Jeremy Acton’s Fifth Possession Charge Gets Withdrawn

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Jeremy Acton appeared today in the Bellville Magistrate court for dagga possession charges that he picked up when he was caught with some of his favourite tarrie at the airport enroute to a Dagga Indaba. This possession charge was not part of Friday’s win (as this happened outside of his house), and Jeremy was hopeful that the recent order would assist him in this case.

Another victory, his post below sums it up nicely:

Report back on appearance in Belville magistrate’s court for dagga possession :

My charges were for possession of Dagga (Cannabis) at Cape Town International airport, when I was heading to the Central Drug Authority ‘Dagga Indaba’ in Benoni last year, so I was not protected by the recent judgement.

The Senior prosecutor called me into his office and said he felt the judges in the Constitutional dagga case were too timid, and should have allowed the carrying of a small amount on a Person, as it does not assist enforcement to ease their workload.

I gave him a copy of the judgement and said I wanted to appeal for more, exactly on the concerns he had expressed, and asked for him to allow my case to be postponed .

He said that he would entirely withdraw charges in the matter. I appeared before the magistrate and he stamped a load of papers and wrote stuff, and close the file and said charges were withdrawn and I was free to go. I hope this feeling will be replicated across the nation for possession of small amounts carried on a citizen’s person.

We clearly even have support in enforcement and prosecution sectors .

I have heard many beautiful stories from across the country of Rastas inviting the cops to come puff with them, of everyone in a pub in the Eastern Cape lighting up spliffs on hearing the news, and of the police telling people their cases are withdrawn.

I hope to hear a million more stories of such good news.

Let us remember, though, those who presently are in jail for Cannabis. How do we petition for them?

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Edit: Fifth Charge.

  • Jeremy David Acton

    Actually guys, This was my fifth charge . The other 4 were at my previous home in the Montagu district, Karoo, WC. .

    • bluegoon

      Amazing response from magistrate regardless, I think everyone is over the dagga ban, lol. Genuinely curious if any arrests have been made and processed yet.