The ways in which to honour the memory, work and dedication of Jules Stobbs, are endless. However, Green Smoke Room Seeds has found a way to do this. We all know that Jules was passionate about Cannabis and the endless possibilities that the plant can offer us. In his memory, we would like to present you with a brand new strain, specially bred by Green Smoke Room Seeds in memory of Jules. The strain is called “Jules’ Mosaic Cookies“.

Jules’ Mosaic Cookies is a limited edition strain in memory of Jules Stobbs and in support of Fields of Green for ALL. The lineage is Durban Poison x OG Kush, which was then crossed with White Widow, to create a potent and high yielding strain with typical cookie strain terps.

Jules' Mosaic Cookies

There will only be 500 individual feminized seeds available at R350 each, with proceeds going towards Fields of Green for ALL, to help with our fundraising goals.

So, why this name?

Well, if you’ve ever visited the Jazzfarm, you’ll know that Jules’ artwork is on display throughout the property. Jules had a very prominent love for the arts and for creativity and he fostered this both in himself and in Myrtle. Together, they’ve spent countless hours decorating their home on their own, with beautiful expressions of art. One of these expressions that Jules was really good at, was creating mosaics. He absolutely loved this and it shows in all the artworks he’s left behind.

With this special Jules’ Mosaic Cookies strain, we are honouring Jules for everything he did for us – especially today, two years after the ConCourt Privacy Judgement.

We will always miss you, Jules, but we are grateful that your legacy is visible and around us. Never forgotten!

Chix on Stix
Chix on Stix

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