We received the following resignation letter of Dr Ruth Thandeka Kunene ‘Cannabis Queen Of The South’ which was received from an unconfirmed source:


Dear Madam Chairperson


Please treat this as my formal resignation as Secretary General of the CDCSA with effect from 27 May 2019. I cite four reasons:

1. Since House of Hemp was issued with the commercial medical cannabis license there is just too much pressure on my time.

2. I have decided to voluntarily step down as KZN representative in the CDCSA board in line with the 23 rd February 2019 Exco meeting that agreed only one board representative per province.

3. I believe the interim SG office have completed deliverables as per the mandate that was given in October 2018 for the first term. Full SG report will be presented in the AGM.

My resignation is no way abdication of duty as I remain a member of the CDCSA and will continue to strengthening the organization’s development and progress. Due to time constraints I have decided to priorities my contribution in the CDCSA on programs that strive to ensure that IKS communities also share in the commercial benefits of legal cannabis through a win-win partnership with AfriCannaInc Consortium.

I recommend that the CDCSA focus on developing a well fitting team that is efficient and can work together to create the synergy within good governance. To this end I make these nominations:

1. Gareth Prince to be chairman of the CDCSA nationally. Ras Ganja Prince is a noble cannabis warrior who won 18 September Cannabis Victory for us all. As an advocate Ras Prince is well vested with organization protocol, principles, legislation and knowledge of people rights to lead CDCSA as a powerful lobby.

2. Mahlomola Maroba to be CDCSA Secretary General as he was part of the setting up of my SG office, works hard, is efficient and has energy plus passion for youth development as key to CDCSA optimizing impact.

3. Dr. J to be CDCSA treasurer so he can complete the plan he has been developing to finalize the CDCSA action plan and budget, open bank account and secure resources to run the CDCSA efficiently.

I pray the Almighty Emperor Haile Sellassie I bless with success the efforts of the CDCSA to create an all inclusive self regulating organization to develop the Cannabis Industry to deliver the needy and the poor from the wicked hands of poverty and disease in our country in our lifetime.

Yours Sincerely
Dr. Thandeka Ruth Kunene
Chief Executive Officer
House of Hemp (Pty) Ltd