• October 18, 2018: BC cannabis sales down by 70% two days after legalization
  • Sales went down from  9,980 total sales on Day 1 to 3,084 total sales on Day 2

VANCOUVER — On the second day of legalization, the high didn’t last for long as British Columbia residents bought nearly 70 per cent less cannabis .

The province’s only physical store in Kamloops sold 805 purchases and 9,175 online sales were recorded by the BC Liquor Distribution Branch when marijuana became legal.

The next day there, there were 521 and 2,563 sales respectively, which is a significant decrease in cannabis sales.

Spokeswoman Viviana Zanocco of the distribution branch mentioned that several licensed producers have not been able to ship their full product commitments to meet the prospected demands resulting from the legalization.

As per policy, the branch is not releasing their total sales though several products on the website remain sold out.

Photo by Gabriel Cote via Unsplash