Cannabis is becoming more mainstream in the sports industry. Some athletes prefer using it as a natural way of treating their body after a long day of hard work and body pain, and there is no doubt that smoking cannabis or eating an edible is certainly not a bad idea.

Cannabis is essential for some athlete users because of its healing effects on our body. It’s very effective in reducing pain, decreasing nausea, and improving mood. It’s no surprise to see cannabis legalization would be followed by a surge of use among both recreational and hardcore athletes who face long hours of grueling training and fatigue.

One of the most famous of the professional athletes that use cannabis is  Michael Phelps. The professional swimmer had a cannabis-smoking outing back in 2009 after the record-holder was caught on camera smoking cannabis using a bong. While some entertainment shows certainly caught the waves of that controversial photo, it’s pretty unlikely people would take much issue with it in today’s legal-weed climate. It’s not like marijuana got in the way of Phelps winning a world record 28 gold medals. 

In fact, if there’s one thing we can safely conclude of Phelps’ cannabis smoking habits, it’s that cannabis can improve lung capacity, not hamper it.

And with the rise in popularity of mixed martial arts (MMA) sports, it would be bad not to mention Conor McGregor, who has been seen smoking cannabis on his Instagram page. Not only that but most recently he was spotted on an Amsterdam cannabis cafe, purchasing a good amount of weed.

Conor McGregor is one of UFC’s biggest stars, and it’s no coincidence that he smokes pot.

Cannabis is currently being tested for “in-competition” use only, meaning fighters only need to make sure that they did not smoke right before their fights. Additionally, the use of CBD is now legal in the UFC, making the UFC one of the more lenient sporting leagues we have today.

Other honorable mentions of athletes who enjoy marijuana are NFL’s Ricky Williams, and NBA’s J.R. Smith in which was the center of the allegedly marijuana-driven, infamous 2018 NBA finals fiasco.

Photo by ajay bhargav GUDURU from Pexels