After the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, many are awaiting how the prices would fare, especially since that 40% of Canadians base their decision whether to buy the drug legally or not depends on it.

Although Canadians are willing to compromise a bit more money in exchange of peace of mind from authorities, experts say that the discrepancy shall not be too high or Canadians will just keep getting weed from their hood-and-capped dealers.

By the regulation of their respective provinces and territories, both government and private run online shopping sites show a variety of marijuana products with as much variety of prices. According to Statistics Canada, the price of pot on the black market played around $6.83 per gram. Let’s see how the prices across the country compare:

Government – run online stores sell dried cannabis flowers at $6.99-$16.28 per gram. More expensive ones cost around $50 for 3.5 grams. Pre-roll runs at $4.20.

Prices play at $9.24-$15.42 a gram, but pot is also sold at $49.99 per 3.5 grams. The cannabis are sold by private retailers along with the official AGLC website. Pre-rolled cigarette: $6.64.

Private shops are authorized to set their own prices. Fire and Flower sells at $13-$16 per gram while Eden in Edelwold, Sask is selling at a higher $18.99.

Delta 9 Cannabis is selling online for $12 a gram, but sold out within hours of opening. The province has licensed four stores, which are free to sell in a traditional storefront or online.

Marijuana prices park at $7.95-$13.25 per gram, sold by the government-run website.

Officials informed beforehand that prices will be at $5.25 a gram including tax. Marijuana will also be available at private retailers which are expected to be up and running in April.

New Brunswick
The province’s official retailer has prices set at $8.50-14.99, while a joint can cost $7.50 upwards. Private retailers are also available.

Nova Scotia
Private retailers and government run ones are available to sell. The latter’s prices are as follows: $9-$10.98 for “core cannabis, ”$6.33-$10.99 for “value cannabis,” and $10.99 and higher for “premium cannabis.”

Prince Edward Island
PEI sells marijuana for $5.65 and up from government retailers. Private retailers are also up and running.

Newfoundland and Labrador
The first province that was able to sell marijuana priced it at $4.79 for a pre-roll, and the dried flower is selling for $6.89 and up per gram on the online government website. There are also privately owned stores.

The cheapest variety available at the onset of legalization is expected to be around $8, but won’t be available on that day, according to officials. They also told local media that standard pot will retail between $6-$20 a gram.

Private stores approved by the government are allowed in store and online. Tweed, being the only retailer approved to sell online, didn’t list prices.

Northwest Territories
Government-run online stores sell cannabis at $13.13-$17.50 per gram. Private retellers are also available.

Photo by Juliana Loh via Unsplash