You can’t get what you want unless you know what you want! Heard that before?

Fields of Green for ALL and The Green Network are proud to present the FINAL DRAFT of Cannabis in South Africa – The People’s Plant – A Full Spectrum Manifesto for Policy Reform (formerly known as the “Outcomes Document”). This final draft will be open for public comment until 31 December 2019 and we will publish it in early 2020.

It is our intention that this becomes the go-to guide for policy makers and that it contains all the boxes that need to be ticked, regardless of whether people might disagree with some of its contents along the way.

Please CLICK THROUGH TO OUR REGULATIONS PAGE, read / download the draft and let us have your comments using the form provided. We are still a few steps away from the perfect edit so please expect a few typos and odd spacing along the way!

In order to present a slick and professional final publication to the world, we will need to overhaul the design and graphics and raise a whole lot of money for printing and distribution. You can assist by ordering a hard copy of the final draft, included in our Info Pack available in the shop.

All Fields of Green for ALL Affiliate companies and organisations’ logos will feature in the final publication and we will soon be letting you know how your company can become a featured sponsor. We invite you to be part of the real conversation by joining The Green Network or signing up your brand as a Fields of Green for ALL affiliate today.

These are exciting times, let’s all get what we want, together!

This article originally appeared on and was published with permission.

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