• CCC Chairman Steven Hoffman expects cannabis shops to open every two weeks
  • Two dozen retail shops were already given initial approval by CCC
  • Income from pot to be distributed to public welfare programs

Long queues await the two recreational pot shops in Boston, Massachusetts when they opened at the same time, but soon there will be more alternatives for cannabis consumers.

Almost two dozen retail shops were given initial approval by the Cannabis Control Commission.

The commission’s work is simply beginning said CCC Chairman, Steven Hoffman. He expects retail cannabis areas across  Massachusetts to open every couple of weeks.

“We’re extremely excited to see how the industry continues to grow and develop, and really how NETA specifically can lead the way on that,” Hoffman stated.

As Massachusetts’ cannabis industry keeps on developing, income from pot deals can be distributed to general public health, public safety, and training programs.

As of now, cannabis is taxed at a 20 percent rate which is lower than the state’s 40 percent imposed on tobacco items.

The CCC expects that more retail stores will open, one of which is INSA in Easthampton. 

Photo by Jason Leung via Unsplash