An urgent High Court application that seeks relief in terms of Section 22, right to earn a living through cannabis, has garnered 44 additional applicants. Applicants supporting Mr André du Plessis in the case, submitted affidavits to join the case by the Friday deadline, effectively expanding the case’s status through Section 38 to a b c d and e.

The case will be judged by Advocate Brenda Neukircher SC who holds a BLC (1988) and an LLB (1990) from the University of Pretoria. After completing her pupillage, she joined the Pretoria Bar in 1990. Neukircher became a senior counsel in December 2006. She has been an advocate trainer at the Pretoria Bar since 2004, a member of its Silk Committee since 2014 and, in 2018, became a member of its disciplinary and transformation committees. She is also co-author of a book, High Court Motion Procedure: A Practical Guide.

Jeffreys Bay saw a co-ordinated effort with 25 applicants joining the case and sending in a video of support.

The pre-trial is set for Tuesday 07 July 2020 in the Pretoria High Court where the state’s notice to oppose will be heard.


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